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Easy sales and service software that turns a standard PC into an practical POS solution.

  • $475 ex. GST
  • Find a POS Consultant
  • Ideal if you...

  • Are starting out in retail

  • Want to present a professional image

  • Want more than a cash register

  • Have your own PC

  • Want a cloud-based POS?

    Try MYOB Kounta



Ready for tax and GST changes

Buy or update this software today and you’ll receive the latest updates covering the 1st October tax and GST changes. It couldn’t be easier.

Run your store from one PC

Smart and easy to use, MYOB RetailBasics puts accurate information about how the business is performing at your fingertips. You can analyse retail essentials like what’s selling, who’s buying and how much GST is coming in, at any time. Even better, it takes only 30 minutes to set up.


Process sales quickly

The sound of a cash till ringing is music to any retailer's ears. RetailBasics makes it so easy to process your sales. From cash to credit card, lay by to refund, you can accept all types of payment in a few keystrokes. It also has you covered for discounts and returns.


Let’s stock!

With RetailBasics, it’s also easy to create, store and update a complete list of stock items. You can also scan barcodes or enter stock numbers using a keyboard, load images of your stock and print barcode labels too. Need a more advanced POS system? Try MYOB RetailManager  


Understand what makes your customers tick

RetailBasics allows you to build up a customer database with a full history of transactions. You can easily see what they like, what they buy and when they buy it – a great help if you want to target promotions or look for opportunities to up sell.


Compatible with most POS hardware

RetailBasics is smart enough to connect with most POS hardware, including barcode scanners, cash drawers, docket printers, scales and customer pole displays.


Integrates with your MYOB accounting software

RetailBasics links your front of house info to the back office accounts. When you do the books, simply transfer all your sales and GST data to your AccountRight  or AccountEdge  software. It’s simple, convenient and a real timesaver.

We’ll support you, seven days a week

RetailBasics comes with 30 days of exclusive technical support, special offers and discounts. You can continue receiving these benefits by signing up to a 12 month membership to MYOB businesSUPPORT .

Download the factsheet

You can download the MYOB RetailBasics Factsheet (PDF 68KB) to read more about this product.