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Point of sale

Whether you’re starting out or looking for more control, MYOB retail and point of sale (POS) software allows you to manage your sales, stock and customers in one smart, reliable system. So you can be confident you have the information to keep making great decisions for your business. Browse our range to see what's right for you.

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MYOB Kounta

Free Trial available

MYOB Kounta is more than just a store register, it integrates your point of sale with your entire business in one powerful online platform.
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$475 ex. GST

Easy sales and service software that turns a standard PC into an practical POS solution.
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$1,515 ex. GST

Combines our RetailBasics software with easy to install hardware for the ideal POS solution.
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$2,239 ex. GST

Best in store, RetailManager is an advanced retail management system that offers POS, inventory management and more.