EXO Employer Services

As your business grows, managing your workforce can turn out to be a key factor in the ongoing success of your enterprise.

MYOB EXO Employer Services gives you control over all aspects of staff administration so you can:

  • Manage HR records
  • Capturing time
  • Plan rosters and streamline payroll
  • Manage and communicate with your people, wherever they’re based.

Who’s it suitable for?

EXO Employer Services is suitable for medium sized operations of twenty or more staff, up to organisations of 1,000 people.

MYOB EXO Employer Services and the Cloud

As part of our ongoing program of providing clients with industry leading online solutions, we have recognised that many current MYOB EXO clients are interested in obtaining the benefits of working in the cloud, without the disruption and cost of changing systems.

In order to assist those MYOB EXO clients in selecting a suitable hosting partner, we’ve developed the MYOB Enterprise Cloud Partner Program. Tell me more >

Modules that work together

The Modules in the EXO Employer Services range work together to form integrated business solution. They are fully compatible with each other, which means you can add modules as and when you need to.

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Have less than 20 employees?

MYOB Payroll is perfect for small to medium size businesses that need to pay up to 20 employees. Whether you employ permanent staff or contractors, MYOB Payroll gives you an efficient and accurate way of handling pay runs.