Warehouse Manager

“Improving supply chain management from order to delivery”

Warehouses. They store everything from newspapers to car parts, clothing to white goods. These items can be stored on pallets, in bins, in crates or wrapped in plastic.Managing every aspect of a warehouse can be complex and often difficult.

Reduce waste

Yet warehouse efficiency is a key factor in managing supply chains and achieving peak performance - in warehouse operations, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Experts estimate that 20% of all orders are filled either wrongly or not at all. That’s a lot of mistakes.

Controlled coordination

As Warehouse Manager, it is your job to meet customer demand by getting the right products to the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition. If not - you will lose customers and the business loses money.
So - don’t wait until your warehouse operations are no longer competitive before asking whether it’s time to upgrade. By talking to the people at MYOB we can work out the best way to ensure your warehouse operates at its most efficient, and most productive.

Smooth operations

MYOB EXO Business - an MYOB Enterprise Solutions ERP system - enables you to ensure that:

  • Inventory is or will be available
  • Labour and resources are coordinated to rapidly and efficiently meet customer requirements
  • Distribution processes are optimized to ensure that products are delivered on time and in full, each and every time.

Whether your goal is to automate your warehouse operations for the first time or to upgrade to a more sophisticated warehouse software system, EXO Business can be customized to the needs of your company - now and further down the line as the company grows.

Tailor made

EXO Business is the ideal software solution for manufacturing, distribution, and retail enterprises and third-party logistics providers. The goal of EXO Business is to boost inventory accuracy; increase labour productivity, improve shipping accuracy, manage orders efficiently and reduce operating costs. All with the one goal: to increase overall revenue. EXO Business has the capabilities to do inventory management; work, task and labour management; slotting and optimization; inventory billing and invoicing to forecasting and scheduling - the software does whatever you business needs it to do.

Effortless integration

EXO Business will also integrate with other Enterprise Solutions used in the company such as accounting, payroll, personnel, maintenance, freight management, and sales management modules.


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