Payroll Manager

“Follow the money: streamlining payroll management”

A successful Payroll Manager does more than simply juggle a company’s wages and salaries. A good Payroll Manager also needs to be a good communicator.

Organised and flexible

As Payroll Manager you have to interact with other company managers as well as staff on a regular basis. More than any other department head, it’s the Payroll Manager that will know, and be discussing, a staff member’s most personal details – including salaries, bonuses and benefits.
You and your department have to ensure the accuracy of payments to employees for wages and salaries; guarantee the appropriate deductions have been taken from the gross amount in line with government requirement; and deal with benefits etc.

The A-Team

And you must be flexible enough to work closely with other departments particularly Human Resources. For instance, when a new staff member is hired, you will liaise with HR to confirm pay rates, deductions and frequency of pay. And when existing employees get a promotion, are transferred or terminated it’s your department that must adjust their pay rates.
As if that isn’t enough of a load – you and your department probably field almost daily questions from staff regarding super funds, bonuses, late payments and so on. 

Better payroll processes

MYOB EXO Payroll is not only designed to make maintaining and processing payroll as fast and easy as possible. It also provides regular updates to ensure you keep up with new legislation, reducing the risk of costly errors.

You can also track labour costs, analyse trends and create detailed management reports. With this information at your fingertips you can keep the rest of the company informed about salary issues that affect their own departments as well as the overall financial health of the company – whether it’s a backlog of untaken leave; new tax considerations or problems with overtime.  

As well as processing up to 1,000 staff pays per session, MYOB EXO Payroll:

  • Accrues leave, sickness and other entitlements
  • Integrates with MYOB EXO Business providing visibility and control over your payroll costs
  • Allocates and tracks all payroll-related taxes
  • Allows for cash, cheque and electronic payments
  • Easily manages multiple variable hours and multiple variable rates
  • Helps plan and manage the effect of leave on staffing and productivity levels
  • Tracks staff costs and trends by department, job (or project) and staff member.

With no need to roll-over at end of financial year, EXO Payroll's range of reporting functions allows you to:

  • Easily access previous financial year data
  • Export information for further analysis in the general ledger
  • Run over 40 standard reports, including audits.

EXO Payroll also interfaces with a range of accounting, time andattendance, scheduling, timesheet and HR management systems in the MYOB EXO Employer Services range that help streamline your HR, time and resources costs. 

Key features of EXO Payroll

  • Unique step-by-step payroll cycle which guides the operator through the process.
  • Unlimited, flexible processing and reporting for allowances, deductions, cost centres, departments, employee note types and general ledger codes.
  • Customised security through individual user/password combinations, with the ability to allow or deny access to any part of the system.
  • Download releases and updates via the internet.

Key Benefits of EXO Payroll

  • A flexible solution to suit your company’s needs now and in the future.
  • Simple step-by-step processing.
  • Produces detailed and summary reports.
  • Integrates with other EXO Employer Services such as EXO Employee Information, Health and Safety, EXO Time and Attendance, EXO Timesheet and MyStaffInfo.
  • Online updates provide fast, easy access to information.
  • Makes payroll and employee information an efficient cost centre

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Success Stories

Don Kibble Drawing Office Supplies

Another improvement with EXO is the ability to share data across systems. Our previous system was rather more standalone, which meant it struggled to integrate properly with other processes. But EXO does that effortlessly - particularly when it comes to payroll.