The Operations Manager

“The efficiency whisperer”

The main goal of the Operations Manager is to improve the efficiency of the operation, including the management of human resources, assets and costs.

Broad shoulders

But you know that your role is far more than that. You are also in charge of controlling the level and quality of service; you set service level agreements for end-user applications and service provided; you are constantly aiming to improve relationships with end-user department and all the while you are managing staff and developing their potential.

The direct responsibilities of an Operations Manager include managing both the operations process, embracing design, planning, control, performance improvement, and operations strategy.

Connect the dots

But operations manager also need to be interacting with managers in other areas of the organisation whose roles have an impact on operations. These include marketing, finance, accounting, personnel and engineering.

Holding the D

All Operations Managers are decision makers. You need to make almost daily decisions on Decision making is a central role of all operations managers.

Decisions need to be made in:

  • How efficiently goods and services are produced
  • The quality and quantity of goods or services
  • Tracking whether inventory is keeping up with sales
  • Daily management of staff - whether its family issues, training problems, motivation or coordination.

The Operations Managers can often oversee a number of different departments, including research and development, engineering, materials, production, plant management, purchasing, warehousing, shipping and receiving.

Tracking detail 

How do you keep track of all that? MYOB EXO Business - an MYOB Enterprise Solutions ERP system - can help you to monitor how your department is working with the rest of the company, by providing a single source of data and platform for shared processes.

Unified system

At least once a day you will be in contact with warehouse, production, purchasing, materials, and shipping and receiving managers. Not only do you need information, your managers do too.

A unified system makes sure that all orders are complete and filled on time and accurately. Managers in other departments have access to the same source of information, so the entire company is being kept informed on customer demand, materials shipments, and production schedules.

EXO Business allows you to keep track of what is going on in a broad sense, as well as allowing you, and your managers, to drill down for more precise information, as needed. 

Problem solver

EXO Business can solve the common pain points of the Operations Manager by:

  • Managing entry and distribution
    You need to maintain control over the processing of orders processing, get orders filled and monitor stock levels. EXO Business allows you to communicate with all the departments that oversee these, and other, processes that keep goods moving out the door: customer service, sales, purchasing, and the warehouse. 
  • Smooth demand planning
    Successful demand planning determines means that the process from production to delivery is smooth, economical and efficient. EXO Business helps Operations Managers to tease out forecasts and emerging trends based on previous sales and customer data.
  • Dealing with problems quickly
    In reality all the customer wants is to get what they ordered when they need it. So you need to be effective in managing orders, particularly when the orders are customized to a particular client’s requirements. EXO Business supports exceptions management with flexible planning and production options. It can also account for/or add non-inventory parts or add items to the inventory.
    And like all MYOB Enterprise Solutions, EXO Business can be seamlessly linked to accounts, finance, sales or any other department that needs to be in the loop of keeping the business humming.

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