IT Manager

“Your company’s IT department: a business within a business”

Dealing with supply chains; maintaining compliance with an ever-changing regulatory regime; getting the best value from your financial and human resources; developing strategies to cope with changing economic environments.

All jobs for the CEO - right?

These days it’s just as likely that these roles are part of the role assigned to the IT department, whether the IT is managed internally or externally.

Broad shoulders

As an IT manager or consultant you effectively manage a business within a business that has the same profile as any other profit-focused organisation. So the same rules apply: deliver more business while reducing costs and maintaining compliance with corporate and government policies.

Disparate systems

As small businesses grow, it is often the IT requirements of that company that fall behind. Ask any IT manager and his or her primary pain point will be the manual collection of financial data that can be scattered across numerous departments.

Not only is time consuming, and costly, it can lead to mistakes. A scattergun approach to data collection also makes it difficult to get an overview of the financial health of an organisation - something the CEO, CFO and other managers all need and want, often straight away.

Centralised approach

More than any other manager in a company, the IT manager needs centralised access to a range of data, including data on services, clients, business processes, applications, assets, staff, vendors, customers etc.

MYOB EXO Business - an MYOB Enterprise Solutions ERP system - can provide you and your team with the tools to manage financial resources efficiently and consistently - allowing you to plan budgets, track costs and analyse performance against predicted outcomes.

In discussions with you, our Enterprise Solutions specialists will develop a detailed understanding your key business processes, business locations and anticipated software licensing requirements.

Virtually unlimited customisability

They will also take into account the likely developments in your business over the next five years or so. Only then will they customise EXO Business to suit the IT needs of your company or client.

Apart from the obvious benefits of EXO Business - allowing you to easily adhere to the business’s tax compliance matters (GST, Pay As You Go, Fringe Benefits Tax and Income Tax), we can also ensure that your ERP system will cover all necessary tax codes and has the reporting facilities to easily provide tax compliance information.

Single database

Ask any Financial Manager what their primary objective is, and the answer will always be: cost. Whether it’s needing information on costs; keeping costs down or; tracking costs across numerous departments. EXO Business is designed specifically to integrate everything from accounting to inventory and sales into a single database.

Everything you need - from every department - right where you need it in one single area.

Imagine how much time and worry that would save you? EXO Business gives you the intelligence about your company that allows you, and the rest of the business, to make informed decisions.


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Success Stories

Outward Bound

Upgrading to EXO Business (formally MYOB Exonet) has allowed Outward Bound to focus on its own developement – not just the personal development of the many New Zealanders taking part in one of its many fantastic outdoor courses. “It allows management more time to spend actually analysing and implementing new systems rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day financial matters.”