Human Resource Manager

“Looking after a company’s prized assets - its people”

As HR Manager, you look after the organisation’s most important assets: its staff. And we all know that without a happy workforce, a company soon has real problems meeting deadlines, forecasts and customer needs.

Front and centre

One of the key functions of a HR Manager is leading the company in developing, implementing, and auditing personnel policies and procedures. In addition you are responsible for making sure that your company meets all its compliance requirements, which means you must have a solid understanding of applicable state and federal employment legislation.

And then there’s making sure that the company’s employees receive adequate training on the company’s policies and procedures. 

Strong culture

Overseeing the process of hiring employees is another important aspect of your job as HR Manager. You may be responsible for posting and approving advertisements, recruiting new employees, screening resumes and applications, setting up and conducting initial interviews, and conducting background and reference and even police checks. And you can often find yourself acting as an adviser to department managers to help them with making solid hiring decisions.
You must also ensure the health, safety, and well-being of company employees, so he or she must also investigate complaints made by employees. The HR Manager must also handle the often stressful tasks of handling disciplinary issues, and terminations.

Finding a solution

While members of your department may be in charge of orientation of new employees, staff training and development programs and the administrative tasks such as maintaining employee files, monitoring timekeeping systems, and providing references for former employees – it is the Manager’s job to oversee everything and make sure it is done correctly.

It’s an enormous responsibility. The MYOB EXO Employer Services range is designed specifically to assist HR Managers and their departments deal with every aspect of Human Services. EXO Employer Services give you control over all aspects of staff administration; from human resources management to capturing time; planning rosters; streamlining payroll; and ensuring that you stay in touch with the staff at all times on issues that matter to them and to the company.

Connecting people

EXO Employer Services helps you manage and communicate with your staff, wherever they’re based.

EXO Employer Services is suitable for medium sized businesses of twenty or more staff, up to organisations of 1,000 people.

EXO Employer Services:

  • Gives you control over all aspects of staff administration
  • Streamlines your people management
  • Removes the potential for errors created by double entry
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Operates in a secure environment
  • Complaint with the latest legislation
  • Is fully supported with comprehensive training and support
  • Is part of an integrated business management solution combining EXO Employer Services and EXO Business and EXO ClientConnect.

Other modules within the MYOB EXO Employer Services range can be utilised to streamline all issues that make up Human Resources, as well as those department that liaise closely with HR:

  • EXO Payroll: Payroll software for Australian companies with 20 to over 1,000 employees.
  • EXO Time and Attendance:Schedule complicated rosters, manage and track employee hours including overtime with this time management solution.
  • EXO Timesheet: A flexible service that lets remote sites submit data electronically for automatic processing.
  • EXO Employee Information: For effective employee management, this powerful HR solution puts all your staff information at your fingertips.
  • MyStaffInfo: A safe, secure web based employee self service to access pay slips, manage leave, read memos, update personal information.
  • EXO Electronic Timeclock: Smart hardware solutions including magnetic swipe cards and biometric finger scanners to capture employee time.
  • EXO Health and Safety*: Designed to simplify and systemise your workplace safety obligations.
  • EXO Assist* gives you access to a qualified MYOB team of payroll experts that provide a range of services to assist you.

* Only available in New Zealand.

The MYOB EXO Employer Services range is designed to make the complex job of managing the HR Department easier, more centralized, reliable, accurate and efficient. This allows you more time to make sure that the bedrock of the company – its staff – is happy and healthy.


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Success Stories

Reliance Transport

Management at the firm are fans of the software, as they can easily look at – and track – employee information, and health and safety data. One manager even uses the software to plan out rosters up to three months in advance. The software allows him to pre book staff leave and ensure shift times are correct.