The General Manager

“Keeping all the balls in the air”

The General Manager has broad, overall responsibility for a business or organisation. While each department manager may be responsible for one functional area, you – as GM – are responsible for all areas.

Big picture person

You are the Big Picture person. It’s you that knows how the company is faring, which department is excelling and which is lagging behind; what products are selling and which customers need a little nurturing because the competition is trying to steal them away.


Sage advice

Dr Benjamin Esty, the Chair of the General Management Program at the Harvard Business School says that a successful GM gets ahead “by knowing more and more about less and less”. How do you keep track of every department? Controller, Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Operations, Service, and Human Resources?

Dashboard dynamics

MYOB EXO Finance, a core module of the MYOB EXO Business ERP system, is designed to improve your overview on how the business is performing. EXO Finance’s powerful Management Dashboard means that each user can select from a range of reports monitoring their specific area of the business.

With drill down capabilities you have the ability to quickly navigate to the area of the product to get more detail or to take action when it is required.

Big picture view

Analysis tools built into the product allow you to easily monitor stock performance, track sales against budget and produce detailed sales analysis reports to help you optimise how your business is performing.

By providing a unified – and centralised - overview of the internal and external factors affecting your business, EXO Business gives you the big picture information you need to make critical business decisions.

Drill to the detail

And by allowing a deeper view of your individual line processes, MYOB EXO Business gives you a clear understanding of what's driving your business, with the ability to drill down to the details behind every transaction. 

The answer

Talk to any General Manager and their pain points – when it comes to business software – are generally the same: not enough visibility – either at a general level, or when you drill down into departments; a need for better control over areas such as general ledger, stock management and the organization of jobs.

EXO Business offers:

  • Real time visibility to make critical business decisions
  • Stricter control over the general ledger
  • Advanced stock management across multiple warehouse locations
  • Management of jobs including, quoting, labour charges, tracking and reporting
  • Integration with payroll, HR and CRM systems combining EXO Employer Services and EXO ClientConnect.

With easier, and more reliable, access to the types of information you need to oversee  the business – and to rapidly focus on areas that need attention – you will be able to spend more time on developing strategies to drive the company forward.


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