Chief Financial Officer

“Solutions for Finance Professionals”

Imagine running a finance department where the reporting processes were streamlined to deliver information in an accurate, timely way to wherever you wanted, in whatever format you required.

It’s not a dream.

Business builder

MYOB EXO Business – an MYOB Enterprise Solutions ERP system – can be easily customised to your company’s needs to make reporting, data gathering and regulatory compliance easier and faster. Leaving you more time you to build the business, look after existing customers and implement new ideas and innovations – all the reasons you used to go to work each day. Remember?


Doctor’s orders

As the CFO, you are responsible for the overall financial health of your company. You need to be able to gather intelligence on the business, and be able to deliver this information accurately, quickly and to wherever it is needed.  Most CFOs cite the following as their key pain points when discussing their existing business management software:

  • Manual processes that cause mistakes and inefficiencies
  • Need for more functionality
  • An inability to scale to support growth, integration problems, especially with the growing number of customer and partner systems
  • Lack of operational insight.

Reducing processes

The manual collection and distribution of data is a major problem in the life of a CFO. Not only is it time consuming, doing anything manually means that your figures can be vulnerable to human error. EXO Business provides you with the tools to reduce the manual processes involved in data analysis and reporting.

As an example, EXO’s job costing function can take care of what is normally done on a spreadsheet. Data is available at a central point, allowing a daily check of data that is available to a wide variety of managers, and departments. It’s just one of the ways that EXO Business ensures you have your data as soon as you need it and in a way that makes sense to you. Basically you decide what information you need and the formats required and the program is customised to deliver.

Tailor made

Because EXO Business package is customised to your company’s specific financial requirements, you get all the functionality you need. Our MYOB Enterprise Solutions specialists make sure that you get a program that is geared to your company’s needs and the introduction and support will make the transition to EXO Business seamless.

Dollar drivers

EXO Business helps organisations drive down costs, improve operations, retain and build customer relationships and continue to innovate in challenging economic times.

In no time you will have vague memories of the days when you wasted time coordinating information and trying to keep track of sales, stock, payrolls and departments. Instead you will be tracking how the business is performing against financial goals while keeping other departments (and department managers) up to date with issues such as performance, quotes, reporting and volume.


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