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“Number crunching: Accountants and the need for flexible, easy to use accounting software for their growing clients”

Whether you are a company accountant or providing external accounting services to a multitude of clients, being able to work efficiently with your company or clients’ accounts is paramount to success. Your vital services not only help businesses stay compliant with their accounts, but with the right tools, you can also help clients see make business critical decisions.

It stands to reason then, that you need a solution that not only saves time and help you to provide such excellent customer service, you need a solution that helps your clients business grow too.

The products available through MYOB Enterprise Solutions range will help you do exactly that.

So what is MYOB Enterprise Solutions?

MYOB Enterprise Solutions offers a wide range of ERP solutions for larger, more complex businesses with flexible solutions that connect all aspects of a business through integrated modules covering accounting and finance, Reporting, Job Costing, Point of Sale, Customer Relationship Management Payroll and HR management.

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How EXO Business Support your Clients

A system that grows with their business

MYOB EXO Business provides your clients business with a flexible and configurable framework that allows them to implement more structured processes, while also improving the efficiency of operational tasks and activity across all aspects of the company. And, because it’s built on a flexible SQL database, it can reconfigure processes at any time, allowing the business to continue growing with a system that will transform and grow with them.

More than just an accounting solution

As a business grows, so does its complexity. And with growth, comes a need to invest in more than just an accounting solution. With deep importing and exporting capabilities, extensive foreign exchange handling, job costing that reflects the true cost of jobs from quoting through to distribution and a customer relationship (CRM) solution that integrates with the core accounting and finance data, your clients can gain significant process efficiencies and increase profitability in real time.

Improved management views of the entire business

By providing a unified view of the internal and external factors affecting your business, EXO Business gives you and your clients direct access to the 'big picture' information needed to make critical business decisions. EXO Business gives a true business management view of the entire operation.

How EXO Business Supports Accountants

Streamline Common Processes

EXO Business incorporates many features that are specifically designed to streamline and systematise the common processes completed by Accountant’s and Trusted Advisors.

With GL functionality that aligns with accounting best practice, step-by-step audited checklists that guide you and your client through business processes and the ability to export directly into MYOB Accountants Office, it’s never been easier to review your client’s accounts. This functionality ensures that robust accounting practises are followed resulting in improved accounting accuracy and efficiencies that aid in that all important desire, to make it easier for you and your client to do business together.

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EXO Accountant's Assistant - A clever tool to guide your clients accounting processes

EXO Accountant’s Assistant is the latest module in the EXO Business Suite and has been specifically designed to make it easier for accountants to work with their growing and larger business clients. It brings together all the functions accountants need into a single, easy to navigate module. This means you don’t have to master the entire core EXO Finance module. It will also reduce errors, thanks to the introduction of process checklists which make it easy for you and your clients to complete common accounting processes.

The key features include:

  • Access to full accounting features in a module specifically developed for accountants
  • Logically structured, customisable checklists that assist in the completion of best practice processes
  • Simple and intuitive system design makes it easy to quickly get access to relevant areas of the system, or get data out of the system.Customisable dashboards which let you and you clients quickly check the financial health of their business

Benefits for accountants

  • Full access to the accounting features of the core EXO Finance Module without requiring an EXO Finance license
  • No need to learn EXO Finance means minimal training so accountants can hit the ground faster
  • Logically structured, customisable checklists that enable best practice processes to be followed by their clients, making end-of-period review easier
  • Simple and intuitive system design makes it easy to quickly get access to relevant areas of the system, or get data out of the system.
  • Customisable dashboards for fast reviewing of  the  financial health of their client’s business

Check out the EXO Accountant's Assistant video to watch in in action >

Important decision

We know that ultimately, the job of selecting business software is a complex decision that often requires the involvement of many decision makers. We have a specialist MYOB Enterprise Solutions Partner Network that can customise the system to deliver what the business requires, to meet their complex needs.

View EXO Business in action

To help you and the business reach that decision, we have developed a series of educational videos, to help you learn more about EXO Business and the EXO Accountant’s Assistant Module –these solutions may be exactly what you and your clients have been looking for.

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Training Videos

Introduction to EXO Business for Accountants

In this video, we guide you through an overview of the EXO Business system and all the key functionality that both you and your larger, more complex clients need.

Dashboard Interfaces

Take an overview of the Dashboards functionality, an easy to use and intuitive interface, available right within the software across the EXO Business Range.

Accountant's Assistant Module

A module designed specifically for accountants, everything you need to guide your clients accounting processes are available in one easy location.