I need a ... 24/7 Personal Assistant

MYOB’s Task Management Software

You come into work every day and there are Post-It Notes on your computer, voicemails from customers and suppliers, a calendar with dates highlighted. All reminding you that – today – you have a bunch of things that need doing.

Chances are, however, that something will slip through the net.

MYOB EXO Finance Modules Task Scheduler is effectively a daily scheduler, a PA in your computer that will tell you – at a click of the mouse – everything that needs to be done that day: chase up a supplier, ensure payment of an account, follow up a proposal, book a restaurant for your wedding anniversary. Essentially, you can organize your life with a double click.

You can:

  • input or export tasks onto a calendar – creating tasks for your self and others in the company
  • create a daily/weekly/monthly task list
  • develop a “prompt list” to remind managers to check on payments/delivery schedules etc
  • assign priority to each task
  • keep an eye on the status of what is on the task lists.

And if something on the task list relates to a customer or supplier you can double click on their name and go straight into their account, accessing
all the information you need to update the task, check on its status or assign a new priority.

Andy Ford, from MYOB Enterprise Solution Platinum Partner, Exoserv, says that MYOB’s calendar based Task Scheduler is one of the most practical features of the EXO software. “Businesses assume that they can operate using Post It Notes or Tasks in MS Outlook, but that means information is all over the place instead of on one central location. With two clicks you have drilled from the reminder straight to the customer or supplier account. What could be easier than that?” he says.

“We all need a Task Scheduler. Every morning – you look at your MYOB EXO “to Do List” and know EXACTLY what you have to do that day. Your staff also know what they have to do that day. No chasing up, no forgetting tasks, no waking up in the middle of the night remembering a task that got missed in the chaos of a working day. It’s a must have for busy business people.”