I need to... individually track multiple goods

If you deal in high end goods such as televisions, highly engineered car parts or computers, each item is an investment. If one goes missing, fails to arrive at the store or arrives damaged – you have to bear the often considerable cost.

Built in GPS system

Keeping track of expensive goods doesn’t have to mean more planning, or praying your goods will arrive safely. MYOB EXO Finance contains Serial Number Tracking that acts like a GPS for your products and tracks each item as it moves from where it is produced to point of sale and onto the customer.

The tracking doesn’t end there. It’s possible to keep track of warranty issues, repairs and customer problems – effectively tracking items for their entire lifespan.

The EXO Serial Number Tracking feature is a must-have for any company dealing in high value goods that need to be individually tracked – whether it’s from the warehouse to the customer, or from the point of production to the market shelf.

MYOB EXO Finance allows you to track any item by its individual and unique serial number. It’s possible to know:

  • when the item arrives at the warehouse
  • when it has been put on the delivery truck
  • whether it has arrived at the depot
  • where it was sold
  • when it was sold and to whom.

Improved customer service

If the store manager or customer wants to know where the goods are and when they will arrive – instead of hedging and saying you’ll get the information “as soon as I can”, you just click on EXO Finance Serial Number Tracking for the answer - often while the customer stays on the phone. It’s instant and it’s very professional. Customers will know you’re on top of your game when it comes to customer service.

There are other benefits as well. For instance if a customer makes a warranty claim, it’s simple and easy to track back to when the product was bought and from which supplier.

In addition EXO Finance can keep track of the complete lifespan of a specific item, including repairs, a full service history and issues raised by the customer. It’s all there for you or your staff to access from any of your stores, outlets or warehouses.