I need to...... reduce IT costs

Businesses need computer technology to understand their customers, reach new customers, streamline operations and explore new opportunities. If your business has grown, it’s likely that your IT has probably grown along with it.

Growing pains

However this IT expansion is more likely to have happened in an ad-hoc rather than strategic manner - with new functionalities added when it was needed, rather than with a view to what will be required by the business in the future.

This “patchwork” approach - and almost every business does it at some stage - means that you end up with is a system that lacks the flexibility to manage the business as it moves forward. Such systems are expensive, needing the time and expense of repeated training sessions as each new add-on system is implemented - as well as a maintenance program that has to adapt to a series of disparate solutions.

More importantly, a system that is cobbled together over a period of time can result in a business struggling to manage security and information access to the differing systems.

Unity and clarity

MYOB EXO Business - an MYOB Enterprise Solutions  ERP system - is a single, flexible and configurable ERP system that provides your business with the ability to implement more structured processes. While allowing your business to actively improve the efficiency of operational tasks and activity throughput, EXO Business also manages user access and security - even as your company grows.

And the increased efficiency means you will save money by eliminating the need to integrate and maintain disparate solutions and reducing the need to train users by providing a single, intuitive interface for all their day-to-day needs.

Size and scope

Every business needs to watch its costs, and your IT department needs to be one area that operates in an efficient, secure and cost-effective way. EXO Business is designed for what your business needs now, and what it will need further down the track. No rushed add-ons, no excess time spent on support, maintenance and training.

Sharing the love

Your staff will love how easily they can access necessary data, without calling on the IT department. And the IT department will love the system, because they can spend more time improving and structuring the IT network rather than being swamped with request for support.