I need ... Pricing Rules

How much time do you and your staff spend manually logging in prices? Whether it’s car parts, carpets or televisions – pricing is one of a businesses’ most labor intensive areas.

Speed and accuracy are especially important when customers contact you for a price, because the last thing you want to do is keep them waiting - or worse, give the wrong quote.

MYOB EXO Finance’s automated program allows you to access prices at any time, from any department in your organisation. Unlike other programs, EXO Finance has a unique automated Pricing Rules engine that can cut the time it takes to process orders by 75% - saving time, resources and ensuring fewer potentially costly errors.

When your business is growing, it’s often one person or a small team who enters sales orders, create invoices, check stock etc. This is just the usual multi-tasking involved in running a small business. However, as the company grows, pricing becomes more crucial and more time-consuming.

MYOB EXO Finance can create a pricing agreement for a group of customers or for a specific customer. For example if an engineering company wants to pay $59 for twenty widgets to be delivered by the end of May, EXO Finance’s Pricing Rules make it easy. Simply enter in a single code to get the right price, the availability and whether the customer will be able to receive the goods by his or her deadline.

What’s more, all this happens instantly. You may be working on payroll or stock control – as soon as the customer rings to find out a price, you hit one button and up comes the MYOB EXO Pricing Rules Option.

The data is displayed with the current price and either the average buy price/cost or the last buy price/cost. A shortcut button allows the user to apply pricing shortcuts to all the inventory items or selected items. You can also apply Pricing Rules such as percentage margin, percentage markup, make price end in, and rounding to name just a few options.

There is no shuffling of papers or wasting time getting out of one software program and into another. It’s instant and it’s reliable. The end result is the customer goes away with the correct price and the feeling that your company is really on top of its game. And we all know that’s great for business.