I need to...... manage my businesses growth

When you first started your business, you probably did a lot of research. You may have sought help from advisers; gotten information from books, magazines or lots of other readily available sources. You invested a lot of time money and equity to get your business off the ground.

So...now what?

Planning for growth

Whether it’s growing your market share, expanding your revenue base with new products and services or an increase in customer numbers - growth can be stressful. 

Embracing change

Are you finding that you’re now taking on more staff? Asking existing staff to take on more responsibility? Perhaps you’re now introducing new products to the staff, or even expanding your territory from one or a few sites to many? If so, it may be time to realise that your business is no longer in the start up phase. Time to stand back and acknowledge that the business has grown to the point where relatively informal processes such as filling orders, tracking clients, managing staff and linking in numerous sites - just simply doesn’t work anymore.

Smooth operations

MYOB Enterprise Solutions such as the integrated ERP and HR Management systems MYOB EXO Business and MYOB EXO Employer Services, provide your business with a flexible and configurable framework that allows you to implement more structured processes, while also improving the efficiency of operational tasks and activity across all aspects of the company.

They do this by providing role-based functionality and familiar, intuitive user-interfaces which are easy to use by all staff across the entire organisation. In addition these systems are designed to quickly take on new users or subsidiaries with a minimum of training or down time.
For your staff, Enterprise Solutions provide web portals that offer real-time access to business information, even for remote employees and employees who do not typically work with financial or ERP applications.

And for sales staff, Enterprise Solutions provide a customer-centric business with fast access to all relevant account history, so that sales representatives can resolve problems quickly and maintain customer satisfaction.

Supporting your greatest asset

We recognise that your payroll and HR teams will have specific requirements.MYOB EXO Payroll - the core module of EXO Employer Services - offers a powerful payroll management solution that integrates with the EXO Business system for complete visibility and control of your payroll costs. As well as processing up to 1,000 staff pays per session, EXO Payroll allocates the relevant taxes and accrues leave, sickness and other entitlements, with the ability to plan for and manage the effect of leave on overall staffing and productivity levels. EXO Payroll also interfaces with a range of accounting, time and attendance, scheduling, timesheet and HR management solutions in the EXO Employer Services suite to help streamline your HR, time and resources costs.

A unified management view

And for the CEO, CFO and Management Team, MYOB’s core ERP functionality helps you manage and forecast inventory and sales across all your channels and locations - allowing you to do what you do best: plan, strategise and, yes, grow even bigger.

Put simply, MYOB Enterprise Solutions are the way to take some of the stress out of managing growth.