I need ...Document Management

Loyal customers are like gold. It is far more cost-effective to get repeat business from loyal customers than to spend time and money finding new customers. And an impressed loyal customer will recommend you to other clients. It’s far more effective, and cheaper, than advertising.

So how do you keep a loyal customer?

Customers and clients simply love it when the business they deal are dealing with “has their act together”. You know what that means. It’s when a client rings up with a question, and the answer comes back straight away.

No shuffling of papers, no requests to “hold on while I take a look”. Unless you have only a handful of customers, it will be very difficult to keep track of all pertinent information in your head, or in handwritten files. MYOB EXO Finance provides a simple, contact and sales management tool that integrates with Microsoft Outlook. It provides you with access to all your critical sales, product and contact information without having to jump from program to program, offering:

Easy management of clients and prospects

  • Quickly find and organise documents, emails and other correspondence
  • Organise contacts by categories or groups to effectively target them
  • Create and manage sales opportunities
  • Full contact integration with your existing MYOB system.

EXO Finance’s Document Manager allows you to attach a document - such as a contract, customer correspondence, a product data sheet, credit report, in fact any document that can be saved on a computer - then that can be retrieved and sent through to the client - immediately. If the customer needs a product spec, manual, installation guide etc - you can get it through to them ASAP.

Documents can be attached to a customer, a supplier, a stock item and a job or project and, of course, a contact.

It doesn’t matter where the original document is stored - there is an electronic copy available at your fingertips. And each document is easy to find - as it is stored under a multitude of key words: company, product specs, accounting, Excel spreadsheets. Its all there, and all designed to make your life easier and your business run much smoother.