I need to...manage batches of goods

Whether it’s batches of paint, biscuits, pharmaceutical products or circuit boards – you need to know where your goods are, from the moment they are produced to after they are on the customer’s shelves. With MYOB EXO Finance you can track by both item, batch numbers and use-by dates.

The program gives you the advantage by allowing you to:

  • track perishable goods,
  • enable sales and dispatch to ensure the oldest are used first
  • reduce waste due to expired use by dates
  • track batches to sales and customers.

Track and Trace

MYOB EXO Finance can be customised to provide and implement a tracking and reporting system that will let you trace back any finished product to its source in a matter of seconds. You will be able to easily and immediately identify, monitor and track the movement of stock items by a unique haracteristic such as a Serial, Batch or Roll number.

With MYOB EXO you will be able to:

  • Assess and track warranty claim conditions.
  • Allocate Serial/Batch numbers to raw materials and finished goods.
  • Enter expiry dates and production batch details.
  • Perform global stock searches by Serial, Batch or Roll numbers
  • Record adjustments against, Serial, Batch or Roll numbers.
  • Report on the status of individual numbers, including expiry date range, production batch range or quantity selections.

In some industries such as stainless steel manufacturing or where the products are perishable or have a useby-date, it is crucial that you are able to trace the stock item back to batch level. In addition, customers may demand that a new order be picked from the same batch number as their original supplied order.

EXO Finance allows the batch number to be assigned at the goods received stage in the purchase order cycle. Stock adjustments and transfers also take the batch number into accounts. As a benefit to the Sales Department, the user can assign the batch number at the sales order stage and have this printed out on the picking list or more commonly, the user will record the batch number at the delivery docket stage.

At every stage, it is possible to view and report on the history of a particular batch of a product

Key Features

  • Full traceability of stock items by batch number.
  • Batch number assigned at GRN stage on the purchase cycle.
  • Batch number can be assigned prior to ‘picking list’ stage.
  • Batch reports allow user to get full batch history.

If you are having problems tracking your product, changing to MYOB EXO Finance gives your business access to a fully featured integrated stock handling system as standard. Each stock item can include data such as stock item code, description, groups, cost and sell prices, unit of measure, serial no. tracking method and stock levels per stock location, min/max stock, sales, purchase and COS GL codes, weight and cubic info, sales and purchase GST and the barcode and alternate codes.

And because MYOB EXO Finance is built using industry standard tools such as Microsoft SQL, integrating other applications is straightforward. Many MYOB EXO clients have added third party modules that integrate with MYOB EXO and shares customer, supplier and stock information.