Mining Services

Mining is big business in Australia. But the size and scale of operations in the sector make it complex.

When you’re providing support services to mine sites, logistics change daily. You need to be adaptable, have clarity on all your business processes and know exactly where your resources are. All so you can quickly relocate or reallocate whenever you win a contract.

A way to be highly efficient and remain competitive

MYOB Enterprise Solutions including EXO Business provide businesses in the mining industry-based businesses with concrete business intelligence so you can:

  • Have full visibility over the resources allocated to specific mines and projects
  • Accurately track ever-changing labour and operating costs of individual projects and mine services
  • Better track workforce hours, locations, skills and costs
  • Generate effective management reports on productivity and areas of compliance
  • Confidently procure and coordinate serviceable units

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Success Stories

Hy-Performance Fluid Power

“Using serial numbers, we can track back to the original works order for the repair job. In doing so, we can see when the job was completed, which technician performed it, how long it took to complete and which parts were used. That gives us a huge amount of useful intelligence on stock movement within the warehouse,” says the company’s accountant..
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Since 1994, Queensland-based Haynes Mechanical has been providing mining companies with the highest quality fitters and servicemen, skilled in the maintenance of mining machinery, cranes and earthmoving equipment. The ability to shine light on certain business areas that Clegg says makes EXO such a useful tool. 
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Maddisons Safety

"We’ve now got visibility over the footprint of our business and a better understanding of where we sit in the industries and markets we serve...With EXO, we can control every aspect of our business, and still have plenty of headroom to grow into."