Like most businesses, manufacturing companies are feeling the economic pinch. Staying alive is a delicate balance of supply and demand at a time when customer loyalty is at an all time low.

To stay successful, businesses must look to improve processes, systems and their supply chain, to give them:

  • Accurate, on demand customer data
  • An easier way to operate successfully across multiple locations
  • A way to change customer behaviours and re-order stock with certainty
  • An accurate, reliable picture of costs and flexibility with pricing

The challenge for manufacturers is to find a system that allows them to forecast and react efficiently to increasingly specific customer demands.

A system that allows you to forecast and react efficiently

MYOB Enterprise Solutions like EXO Business suite empower your operation with a flexible business management system that gives you real time stock intelligence - across the board.

It gives you full visibility, so you can:

  • Manage a multitude of product streams in multiple locations
  • Determine how much of a stock item to order and when
  • Have clarity of the actual cost of goods sold
  • Track items by serial number
  • Make informed decisions on pricing and margins.

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Success Stories

Superior Jetties

Superior is a multi-disciplined organisation with a mission to provide flotation with sustainable solutions to support work, play and life. See how MYOB EXO Business provided them with a crystal clear view of their customer pipeline

Australian Slate-Crete

Based in Epping, the company has built up a sound client base across Australia, Asia and Europe. Starting out in Victoria, they expanded to become established agents in NSW and Tasmania, achieved success at various home shows, and then started exporting to Asia and Europe...

Barkers of Geraldine

Barkers is a family-run business based in Geraldine on New Zealand’s South Island. Now 42 years old, the business is the country’s leading fruit preserver, manufacturing a huge range of jams, pickles, sauces and fruit syrups from locally grown produce...

Brownies Mattress Direct

Established in 1939 by the current owner’s grandfather, Brownies Mattress Direct is now a wellrecognised name in the national market, with retail branches located in Christchurch, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Invercargill, Nelson and Blenheim...

Prowler Proof

Over the last ten years, significant growth has forced Prowler Proof to review its stock control and inventory systems and question the efficiency of its entire sales order process...
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Rims Engineering

Riley Industrial and Marine Sales (RIMS) is a specialised engineering business, renowned for its innovation and diversity in solving hydraulic and pneumatic problems.
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Increased visibility helps Crow complete transactions and get orders out the door more quickly.
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Edcon Steel

Edcon Steel finds that snapshot reporting on real time data goes a long way to securing managerial peace of mind.
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Floyd Instruments

"Flexibility, and the ability to grow without having to worry that two years down the line, a change in our business model will render the software useless"
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Ullrich Aluminium

"Moving from the old system to EXO Business has been a giant leap"
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Clean Planet

"And MYOB EXO is perfect – it is a pretty top end program, but is surprisingly easy to navigate."
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Maddisons Safety

"We’ve now got visibility over the footprint of our business and a better understanding of where we sit in the industries and markets we serve...With EXO, we can control every aspect of our business, and still have plenty of headroom to grow into."