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Tuesday 21st October

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    What cloud accounting offers your business

    Written by Businesses

    Cloud accounting is a hot topic right now, and with good reason. Just as online banking revolutionised the way in which we undertake our banking operations (starting in the mid-90s and becoming accepted as mainstream perhaps 10 years later, despite lots of scaremongering around security) cloud accounting is doing the same. It’s estimated that fewer than 20% of businesses currently use a cloud accounting system, but already studies are showing that those that do are more likely to achieve better results (see the 2013 MYOB Business Monitor for one example of such a study). Here are five reasons why I think cloud accounting can not only he …

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    Episode 7: Top 10 productivity apps for your business life

    Megan Iemma is a tech geek and productivity guru. With a background in training and coaching, she founded Tech Coach HQ to work with businesses to improve their processes and boost productivity by using simple and cost effective technologies. In today's episode, host Jim Stewart chats to Megan about her top 10 favourite productivity apps for running a business, which is useful for accountants. It's worth investing the time to watch or listen on iTunes for the time saving you'll reap later on! …

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    Facing a burnout? Your holiday could save your business

    “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation.” - Mark Twain Using the sharp wit of Mark Twain, I’ve adapted the quote above to say: Love your vocation, but take a vacation. Business owners and the self-employed need vacations, even if we are firmly wedded to our vocation. However, it is rarely easy for the self-employed to take adequate breaks, and the smaller the business, the less likely the owner-manager is inclined to ‘get away from it all’. After all, your clients may not be taking a break; there will always be those pesky invoices to pay; and the bank accounts still need to be reconciled. Besides, who is …

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    How to be known as the go-to expert in your field

    Setting yourself up as an expert in your niche — be it a particular profession, trade, market, area of the country or industry — takes time and effort. You may have made a huge investment into learning your trade and profession to start a business or freelance, so how do you get that message out there that you are the go-to person? To get noticed, you have to build your profile, which takes time, persistence and focus. I think it takes roughly two years. There are plenty of articles on building a brand, but how do you build your professional credibility? Here are some tips to get you ahead of the pack. …

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    8 ways to boost profit without reducing expenses

    So you want to increase profit? Often, the first answer you get is to look at your expenses. However, reducing expenses alone can be dangerous. Profit in your business is generated from different activities and avenues, and you need to focus on all of these if you want to increase your profit. There are a number of practical areas for improvement that can raise your profit quickly and are easy to implement — here are just a few: …

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    5 reasons your business stopped growing

    It can be frustrating. You have a great product or service that you love and believe in. You have a great business location, and you are putting in a lot of hours — time away from your family and friends. But for some reason your business isn’t growing, and you don’t know why. Customers aren’t exactly knocking down your door wanting to throw money at you and make your cash register ring. Well, it could be time for a little self-diagnosis on your business by looking at the five most common reasons why businesses don’t grow. If you conquer these five reasons by implementing proactive strategies and tactics, you will see a surge in …

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