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Sunday 23rd November

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    5 team building lessons from “The Hunger Games”

    Image credit: IMDB Fans of “The Hunger Games” series are eagerly anticipating the release of the third movie, where anti-hero and uncannily accurate archer Katniss Everdeen ramp up the awesome yet another notch. Today, I want you to look beyond the stunning costumes, elaborate sets and the nightmarish thrill-kill plot to find lessons on team building you can bring to your workplace — just leave the bow and arrows at home. …

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    Should business owners do media training?

    Some business owners have the gift of the gab, while others seem to have the gift of the gaffe. Media training can help you ride through any difficult press encountered, as with a lot of preparation and practice. Many corporations put senior staff and spokespeople through media training so they can address curly questions (sometimes by not answering them at all!) and stay on message about the organisation. The problem is much of this training is defensive, as it is designed to help the interviewee limit potential brand damage. In some cases, it strips spokespeople of their personality and makes them sound like a robot. This is not a very e …

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    How to find the perfect client for your accounting firm

    When I started my accounting firm some 15 years ago, I made the fatal mistake of opening the doors to all and sundry. I didn’t care which clients I took on board. I thought that I could service all their needs and they would all be great clients to work with. Sadly I was wrong. I managed, over the initial years to accumulate a client base of slow paying, unappreciative and demanding people. Then I spoke to a good friend of mine, Brendt Munro, who had a very successful and very entrepreneurial accounting practice – a practice I wanted my accounting firm to grow to be like. He said to me the following when I asked him why I was attractin …

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    5 things businesses are doing wrong on social media

    The social web has been with us for a while now, albeit it has continually evolved at an incredible rate every day.However, there have been many etiquettes, or ‘truisms’ if I can put it that way, that have more or less been established around social media that unfortunately still get thrown out the virtual window. The reasons this occurs vary, but they probably come down to a handful of issues and attitudes small business folks have, namely (a) a desire for quick fixes or short term results, and (b) an entrenched traditional view of marketing centered on broadcasting promotional messages. Time, or lack thereof, is also no doubt a cont …

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    8 tips for outsourcing your business tasks

    Why consider outsourcing your business online? It all comes down to focus and the best use of your time. If you find dealing with all things online in your business is actually taking you away from your business, then it’s time to outsource. After all, managing your online presence can end up being a full time job! Here are some tips if you’ve decided it’s something your business needs. …

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    The 7 myths of running a retail store

    The best retail stores make it look easy and fun to run their business. It’s a bit like great dancers or gymnasts — they make it look effortless. However, most retailers know this is far from the truth. The reality is there is an art and a science to being a successful retailer. Here we look at debunking some of the common retail myths. …

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