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Sunday 21st December

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    10 Signs you are pushing your limits or over working

    When you are managing a small business, you can get totally caught up in running and developing it to the extent that it takes over your life. Most of us work longer hours at what we do because we have a passion for it, and that is often to the detriment of our own health — and often to time spent with family. Neither of these is good for you or your business in the long term, so you need to make sure you get some balance. More importantly, you need to be aware of the signs of burnout. So what are the telltale signs? Here are a few that colleagues and I noticed in ourselves when we got overwhelmed with work during the last few months. …

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    Does your accounting firm have a marketing plan?

    The unexpected question The next graduate arrives, interviewing for a position at a small to medium-sized accounting firm: your accounting firm. This graduate will be one of the top performing employees for the employer of their choice.  It takes you a while — nearly fifteen minutes into the interview, to fully realise that they are actually interviewing you. Methodically, the graduate carefully crafts their answers and questions. When you look up from your notepad, direct eye contact takes a fraction of a second to re-connect: this graduate is absorbing the environment, the workspace and your body language. As you take notes, this gra …

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    5 Christmas marketing tips for retailers

    The silly season is almost upon us, and while for many retailers, this is the one time of the year that they can guarantee bumper sales, it’s always worth milking this season fully to carry the business growth into the New Year. We’ve put together five tips for retailers that may be obvious, but are often overlooked. Some of them may even work on non-retail businesses too! …

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    How to legally handle an annual closedown

    By James Ennor The Christmas season is a hectic time for most of us.  Work and personal commitments escalate in the mad rush towards Christmas Day. While some industries (such as retail and hospitality) are entering their busiest time of the year, many industries are preparing to wind down for a summer break, which means it’s usually the time for the ‘regular annual closedown’. When you reach the closedown period you can breathe a sigh of relief, crack a beer and fire up the BBQ. But before you get there, there is usually a lot to get done: last orders, final repairs, gifts for clients, December billing, Christmas functions and a …

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    Episode 10: New online client portal drives collaboration and connectivity

    Host Jim Stewart (left) with MYOB Platform Strategy Manager Rob Cameron When 'The Savvy Accountant' host Jim Stewart asks where the push came from to develop an online client portal for MYOB practice software, Rob Cameron doesn't hesitate: “The changes that are going on in society and business at a broader level are incredible at the moment," Rob says, "From Silicon Valley all across the world. "But also it’s coming from clients," he continues. "Clients are coming to us saying, “Listen, this is what we want”. It’s basically a convergence of these two things.” …

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    How to train customer relations staff

    Whether or not you’re in a business where serving customers is the main game, customer relations is an incredibly important part of your brand and operations. How your staff treat customers can say a lot about your business, so make sure it’s saying the right thing. Start by reminding staff that they are the face of your business. You can collaborate on what behaviour they believe should be exhibited by a good ambassador for your business, and then brainstorm ways for the team to better embody that.Here’s a guide on building better customer relations through your staff. …

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