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Wednesday 23rd July

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    6 ways to stop losing clients

    For some businesses, existing clients tend to play second fiddle to prospects. However, studies have shown that it can be 5 to 10 times more cost effective to keep a client than to acquire a new one. So why do companies spend so little time and money retaining clients? The tips below ensure your clients stay on board for the long haul. …

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    Why price is often irrelevant

    There is a well-known truism that while some consumers might base their purchases on price, most will gladly pay a premium to get great service. Turns out, this is both practical and profitable advice. But what amounts to ‘great service’, and how can you develop it in your business? Most customers are loyal if you are able to provide them with a solution to their number one source of pain. As long as you focus on solving their issues — and prove you can — you are likely to get more customers and sales. Your customers will continue to buy from you until you stop solving problems and start peddling your features and benefits. …

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    How to spend just 15 minutes daily managing your social media

    Yes, it is possible to manage your social media in 15 minutes a day. First you need a plan and an understanding of what you want to achieve on social media for your business. With that in hand, you are ready to implement your strategy in no time at all. Some of the preparation includes having a clear purpose for being on social media, such as engaging with customers and potential customers, keeping abreast of issues and building your brand. Identify who you want to follow closely on social media and organise a way of doing this easily with tools such as SocialOomph or Hootsuite. Use these tools to easily track whenever you get mentioned …

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    Why ‘good enough’ kills profits

    If you’ve been hearing the words ‘good enough’ used a lot in your business lately, it’s an early sign that you’re headed for trouble. It’s also a big sign that your employees are lacking your vision and passion. They will ultimately, albeit subconsciously, work to destroy your company. It may sound simplistic, even harsh. But the reality is that by allowing a culture that accepts mediocrity, you are willingly hurting your company’s profitability. For a business operating in a stable marketplace with less competition, you won’t see the effects for a while. For others, it will come much quicker. There are many reasons why …

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    How to increase customer referrals

    To create a culture of customer referrals for your business, you must first understand and recognize the vital importance of referrals. Even if you’re busy, you need a constant stream of new customers and clients to replace those who move away or just stop buying. In addition, it will make a huge difference to the profitability of your business if you can take on better organised clients who are less price conscious. Referrals are by far the best low-cost way of getting new business and should be your biggest source of new customers. 4-step process As with all areas of your business, you need a good system to ensure you can maximise th …

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    Mobile payment solution? It’s the new black

    With the stratospheric growth in smartphone ownership in Australia and all around the world, it’s no surprise that technology for mobile payments is becoming big business, and for very good reason. For a number of industries, the ability to make and accept payments via the ubiquitous smartphone is seen as a bit of a holy grail. If you’re paying attention to the tech startup scene, the sheer number of new players emerging each week in the mobile payments space is truly staggering. …

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