Online Security FAQs: Backups Now More Important than Ever

Everyone with a bit of sense knows backing up is important, what with all the pundits droning on about it for year after year… backups protect data, blah blah, due diligence and responsibility to your clients, etc.

Given that we live in the real (busy) world, there’s another consideration to add – convenience. And simplicity would be a nice bonus, while we’re at it.

Backups done properly can protect against a multitude of risks – not just equipment failure, but fire, theft, accidental deletion (or even malicious deletion…), malware attack, and more.

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Accountants are a funny bunch

MYOB Client Manager Laura Cooper put me on to this quirky poem for accountants.

Written by her grandfather James Nelson in the 1970s, it reads as a manifesto for the trustworthy accountant of the era.

James was an accountant with Coca Cola Amatil in the 60s and 70s. He balanced his love for balancing the books with a passion for the ploughman poet Robbie Burns of Auld Lang Syne fame.

So … is the modern accountant still introverted, shy, loyal, and kind? Does she study, ache and exert? Have you found a system

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