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Thursday 26th February

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    Your end of financial year one-stop shop is open for business

    It’s March. A Tuesday. A drizzly Tuesday. A client’s on the phone. A CLIENT: “How much have I got left to spend on computers and stuff this financial year?” YOU: “Well, hang on …” A CLIENT: “And what’s the go with what the government was on about?” YOU: “The uh … what?” A CLIENT: “In the paper. You know - the staff thing!” There’s loads to know at this time of year: changes to employee allowances, software updates for your practice, software changes for your clients, new clients getting through their first EOFY … And while the information you need at this time of year is available in various …

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    On the Road; MYOB Roadshow Diaries Week 1

    MYOB AccountRight Product Manager Dale Dixon is on the road in Australia and New Zealand, presenting to 8,000-plus accounting and bookkeeping partners. In his down time, he’s blogging about the experience with observations from each event, questions from attendees, and tales from road. MONDAY 9 FEBRUARY - MELBOURNE Wow what a way to kick off the MYOB2015 Roadshow with I believe over 1200 accountants, bookkeepers and MYOB Certified Consultants. It’s difficult to describe the size of this event but hopefully this photo will help show the sheer number of people. I had a couple of attendees come up to me during the day saying, “Dale …

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    First impressions of the MYOB2015 Roadshow

    The first impressions of MYOB2015 Roadshow are in, and we've had some great feedback! I caught up with a handful of accountants during the launch on Monday 9 February and asked them for their thoughts. If you’re already booked in to attend a Roadshow near you, we’ll see you there. Read on to get a taste of what to expect. If you haven’t yet decided to attend, please do – there’s lots to show and tell and chat about together. Here’s what Melbourne’s accountants had to say about MYOB2015 Roadshow … Kevin Hoy PGP Consulting, Melbourne CBD Q: WHAT BRINGS YOU TO ROADSHOW TODAY? Kevin: Just to see what’s going at …

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    How to maximise the sale price of your business

    In your wildest dreams It’s Saturday morning, and you are sitting in your kitchen with your spouse enjoying a leisurely breakfast, when all of a sudden there’s a knock at your front door. You both look at each other and wonder who could it be. The gardener is not due to come today. You know that your family didn’t plan on visiting you this morning, and most of your friends simply just don’t drop in unannounced. So you get up and go to the front door and open it. There’s a strange man standing on your porch, and he’s looking at you with a smile on his face. The conversation goes like this: You: “Yes can I help you?” Stra …

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    5 tips for proactively protecting your business identity

    Your business identity is often the greatest asset of your business, and also the asset most prone to damage. The lifeblood of many SMEs is repeat customers and new business arising from referrals. A business’s reputation among its customer base is paramount. Every business should have a strategy in place for protecting its brand identity. For many businesses, the strategy need not be as methodical and aggressive as strategies employed by mega-corporations such as McDonalds. However, business owners should be aware of the major threats to the brand identity and the best way to counter those threats. The following are five practical ti …

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    How to win with income tax

    It’s a sad fact that tax is a big part of being in business. Not only do you have to pay over a large chunk of your money to the IRD in various taxes, but like it or not, you also have to act as tax collector, as well as working unpaid for other Government agencies, whether it’s collecting court fines or child support. Unfortunately some businesses owners and self-employed people never seem to be able to cope or get to grips with income tax, and it just becomes an insurmountable, frightening problem that leads to financial ruin for many. Accept it If you want to succeed in business the first key to success is acceptance. Do whatever …

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