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Sunday 20th April

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    7 ways to ease business cash flow

    If you have a small business, cash is king, and knowing how to free up cash is important from the very start. …

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    How liquid is your business?

    How long can your business hold its breath underwater? Two weeks, a month? How about as long as three months? Running a business is like sailing a boat on the ocean, except your business must be kept afloat on a sea of liquid cash. Your business needs to be liquid enough to remain buoyant and stay smooth sailing. How long can your business keep paying the bills if the liquid cash keeping your business afloat suddenly turns into a desert of sand? Here are 4 quick strategies to ensure your business is liquid enough to ride out any cash flow drought. …

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    9 easy SEO tasks you can do for $0

    Google has changed how they rank websites numerous times over the past few years. As soon as they announce a significant change in their algorithms, thousands of SEO “experts” try and cheat the system to get their client’s website higher in the rankings. Google then responds with further changes, and the cycle repeats itself. Given the constant shift of the goalposts, how is any business, big or small, supposed to deliver a concentrated SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy in any sort of meaningful way? Well, all is not lost because there are some basic, easy and free things you can do to make sure that your site gets to attr …

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    Financial Reporting changes — common sense prevails

    It’s not often that I’m thrilled with the IRD. Yes, I know they do the best they can with limited resources, but they also have a tendency to make things much too complicated. Take, for example, the complex way overseas investments and foreign superannuation schemes are taxed or the Financial Arrangement rules on assets and liabilities in foreign currencies — both of which are difficult to understand. …

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    What’s the burn rate of your new business?

    Written by Businesses

    Let’s talk about burn rate — the cash burn rate in your business, not the calories you consume. I’m going to focus on the burn rate when starting a new business. It is a simple calculation of the amount of cash that your business spends each month while getting off the ground. Typically, the burn rate is based on the assumption that a new business will take time to get in to positive cash flow, and, in the meantime, you have limited savings, loans or investment capital to fund the operations. The burn rate can tell you how much start-up capital may be required before the business is self-sustainable and makes a profit. …

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    MYOB Essentials – the bare facts for partners

    After announcing it at the recent MYOB 2014 Roadshow, MYOB Essentials is finally here. It’s an exciting release as it takes the traditional LiveAccounts platform and adds so much more, including an all-new partner dashboard that you can log into from my.MYOB, a fantastic new online cashbook option for your clients, and all our LiveAccounts subscribers have to do to take advantage of our new product is log in! …

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