The Accounting Journal: Accounting Software Grows Up

Part 4 of MYOB’s 6-part series on the history of accounting – from its origins to today, and beyond. Check out Part 3 here.

As we showed last week, the era of accounting software arguably began in 1955 with the first privately-owned Univac 1 handling payroll for a General Electric appliance factory in Kentucky, USA.  Then some stuff happened, and now everything is sorted, right?  Actually, it’s not quite that straightforward…

Early accounting software was bespoke, painstakingly handcrafted literally byte by byte over the course of months.  While it represented an obvious

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Will your business evolve or become extinct?

The world turns fast these days, and in business we are continually faced with changing landscapes. New technologies, regulations, and global competition — just to name a few —present challenges and opportunities to keep our business up to date and relevant.…

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